St Ninian's Values & Aims

Our school is founded on the core values of;

  • Respect
  • Friendship
  • Honestly
  • Inclusion 

We are committed to the principles of equality and mutual respect.

In order to equip the children to be successful, now and in later life, in their native town or further afield, the staff of St. Ninian’s Primary aim to:

  • Provide the highest quality learning activities which accommodate and enhance each child’s potential for successful learning, becoming confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors
  • Encourage personal excellence and strive to maintain the highest possible levels of attainment and achievement
  • Maximise success for all children by providing, as far as possible, educational programmes suited to their individual needs and abilities, with opportunities for personal choice
  • Provide a happy secure, welcoming environment where staff work in close partnership with parents, community, outside agencies and local parishes to enhance children’s learning and promote well-being and respect
  • Value and empower all members of the school community
  • Foster high quality leadership at all levels, encouraging reflection on the work of the school and welcoming challenge.

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