Given that there is substantial parental and public approval of uniform, schools in Inverclyde are free to encourage the wearing of school uniform. In encouraging the wearing of uniform account is taken in any proposals to prevent any direct or indirect discrimination on the grounds of race or gender. Any proposals will be the subject of widespread consultation with the parents and pupils. Against this background it should be noted that it is the policy of the Education & Lifelong Learning Committee not to insist on pupils wearing uniform or having specialist items of clothing as a prerequisite of their attending and engaging in all of the activities of the curriculum.
Most of our pupils do, however, wear school uniform and the items are listed below:

BOYS                                                                       GIRLS

Navy blue blazer/fleece                                        Navy blue blazer/fleece
School sweatshirt                                                School sweatshirt
Blue shirt                                                              Blue blouse
Navy blue/grey trousers                                      Navy blue/grey skirt/trousers
School polo shirt                                                  School polo shirt
School tie                                                             School tie
Socks in school colours                                        Socks in school colours
Black shoes                                                          Black shoes
                                                                            School summer dress

The supplier for school dress is Smith’s West Blackhall Street, Greenock.
There are forms of dress which are unacceptable in school, such as items of clothing which:
• potentially, encourage faction (such as football colours);
• could cause offence (such as anti-religious symbolism or political slogans);
• could cause health and safety difficulties, such as loose fitting clothing, or clothing made from flammable material for example shell suits in practical classes;
• carry advertising, particularly for alcohol or tobacco;
In addition, jewellery such as dangling earrings and large rings could cause health and safety difficulties and could be used to inflict damage on other pupils or be used by others to do so are unacceptable to be worn in school.

Physical Education
For physical education we would recommend: navy blue shorts, school polo shirt and sandshoes.

It is requested that all items of clothing are clearly marked with the owner’s name. A bag marked with the child’s name is required to hold indoor shoes and physical education kit.

Health and Safety in Physical Education: A Code of Practice:
The above named code recommends the following:
• Pupils should wear clothing and footwear suitable for the activity.
• There is a requirement that all jewellery is removed prior to undertaking physical education activities.
• Belts with metal buckles which may cause injury to the wearer shall be removed before the activities.
• Gum should not be chewed.
• The school should be informed of medical information concerning pupils as it is relevant to activities undertaken by them.

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