Partners in Learning

Partnership with Parents

Children’s success in learning depends upon close co-operation between home and school.

Parents are kept informed of school activities and events by newsletters issued to the children. This has proved to be the most effective and economical method of communication.

During the first term, parents are invited to an informal talk to hear about the school work planned for the forthcoming year. They are also invited to preparatory talks for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Holy Eucharist and Confirmation.

In October and May, parents are given the opportunity to discuss their children’s progress with class teachers and to view children’s work. A written report is sent home towards the end of the session.
However, parents are most welcome to visit the school at other times to discuss any aspect of their child’s progress or well-being. All that is required is a telephone call to arrange a suitable time.

Parents are involved in a variety of activities. They accompany children and teachers on educational visits, visit classes to share knowledge and expertise with the children, and generally assist with on-going school activities.

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